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Do you need a ride to your appointment at Raleigh Associated Medical Specialists? Do you have special transportation requirements and need to get to your dialysis clinic or local hospital? Or maybe you’re looking for a qualified professional who can help you run errands and take you to church? If you’re in Raleigh, North Carolina, or the surrounding communities, Associated Resources Mobile Transportation can fulfill whatever unique transportation needs you might have. To learn more, call the office of Raleigh Associated Medical Specialists and hit the road with your dedicated driver today. To reach the Associated Resources Mobile Transportation office, please call 919-803-4361.

Associated Resources Medical Transportation

What is care transportation?

Not everybody has the same transportation needs, and for people who are wheelchair-bound or need special assistance in entering and exiting a car, taxis and rideshares don’t always cut it. That’s where a non-emergency care transportation specialist like Associated Resources Mobile Transportation comes into play.

Associated Resources Mobile Transportation provides high-quality and reliable non-emergency medical transportation for passengers with special needs looking to get around in the Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill). Their partnerships include nursing homes, hospitals, dialysis locations, and other organizations to make sure that you get the best professional transportation services to and from medical appointments or wherever else you might need to go.

Whether you need a bus or van equipped with a wheelchair lift or just an SUV that makes entry and exit easier, Associated Resources Mobile Transportation has it for you. And their staff of specially trained drivers will help to make sure that you get in and out of the car safely so that you can get to where you’re going without worry.

Where can care transportation take me?

Care transportation can safely and comfortably take you anywhere you need to go. Many people use care transportation to get to their:

  • Local hospital
  • Dialysis appointments
  • Doctor’s office, like Raleigh Associated Medical Specialists
  • Nursing home
  • Home health care locations
  • Social and special events
  • Church outings

You can even use care transportation as a needs-conscious way to do your errands around town!

Why should I use care transportation?

If you have unique transportation needs, a care transportation service like Associated Resources Mobile Transportation offers a number of advantages over traditional taxis or rideshare services, such as:

  • Superior service that works with you door-to-door
  • A fleet of comfortable, wheelchair-accessible minivans
  • Drivers who are licensed and specially trained to serve your needs

Taxis and rideshare services simply aren’t geared towards working with people who require special assistance. By using a care transportation service with special vehicles and licensed professionals, you can ensure that you get where you’re going in a timely, professional, and safe manner.

To learn more about how to get where you want to go with non-emergency care transportation, call the offices of Raleigh Associated Medical Specialists or visit the website for Associated Resources Mobile Transportation.

To reach the Associated Resources Mobile Transportation office, please call 919-803-4361.